Blinded by the Lights

An eight-episode story charting seven days from the life of a cocaine dealer whose perfectly organized life begins to sink into chaos while he is forced to make the most important choices in his life.

Dominican Republic was one of the shoot locations, with the local support of Cinefilms.

Directed by Krzysztof Skonieczny, Blinded by the Lights is set in Warsaw in the run-up to Christmas, and follows a cocaine dealer working in the Polish capital, who is planning to leave for Argentina but needs to get through a hectic and hedonistic few days in Warsaw’s twilight world of clubs and drugs.

All that stands between him and his winter break is a few days working Warsaw’s twilight world, trawling the nightclubs, going to office parties and dealing with hipster clients, corrupt cops, politicians and drug-loving celebrities. But the city has other plans for him when things start to go awry.

“We believe Blinded by the lights, a story set in Warsaw’s demi-monde and showing off the city in a wholly new way, will not only appeal to Polish audiences but also to our subscribers all around the HBO Europe region,” said Antony Root, executive VP, original programming and production HBO Europe. “We are confident it will equally excite audiences internationally.”


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